Here, time stands still

The Casino don Titino is an old country house in the middle of a vast plot of land, like many found in the past in Cilento, used by the owner in times of harvest but also by farmers.

Many people from the small town of Moio della Civitella could tell long tales of when they lived in the Casino, from their days spent in the rows of vines to the grape harvest, when the house came alive for a party for owners and pickers alike.

Vincenzo Maria Palladino, an artistic spirit and a bit of a dreamer, was drawn to the magic of this enchanted place, which he has transformed into accommodation whilst always fully respecting its character and quirks.

For this reason, Don Titino remains surrounded by nature; quiet, tranquil and far from the constant social media of today. You can taste the delicious Cilentan dishes whilst admiring the magnificent sea views or, in the evening, beside a campfire under a starry sky.