Immerse yourself in Cilento

Stepping back in time
Discover "Il Casino"

Private Apartment

Relax in the ancient walls and charming countryside

The master bedroom with its blue walls is directly connected to a large sitting room. Here you’ll find a two-fold panoramic view and a comfy sofa bed that can accommodate two more people. Both are equipped with a typical private bathroom.

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Straight from the backyard

The Casino Don Titino offers the opportunity to taste traditional, fresh, and genuine produce that are, for the most part freshly picked from the garden opposite the farmhouse.

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Wedding and Events

The Ideal Location

Choose Casino Don Titino as the venue for you wedding, reception or event. Contact us for more information!

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What they say about us


We are in the heart of Cilento

We are found in the small town of Moio della Civitella, a typical village in Cilento. The area is known for its vineyards, particularly the production of a great red wine.
Moio della Civitella became famous for an important folk art event: the ‘Mojoca’, which takes place in the first week of August. It welcomes street artists from all over Italy who present their performances, always getting the public involved.
Casino Don Titino is situated in open countryside, around 15/30 minutes from the main Cilentan beaches or the mountain routes of the ancient woods.

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